PlayStation 5 Confirmed for release before the holidays in 2020!!!!

One of the hottest topics in the gaming world for over the past year or so has involved rumors regarding Sony’s highly anticipated PlayStation 5 console. There have been many people who have been anxious to know the official release date of Sony’s next generation console for quite sometime now. As it currently stands the PlayStation 4 which was released worldwide back in November 2013 has sold at least 100 million units worldwide. Despite, not selling nearly as much as the PlayStation 2 did due the 00’s The PS4 still managed to become more successful than rival consoles such as the Wii-U and the Xbox One during the 10’s decade. The PlayStation 4 had improved greatly from its predecessor as far as features were concerned. The return of blu-ray compatibility along with the inclusion of motion control and 1 TB storage capacity versus 80 GB for the PS3 made the PlayStation 4 worth the price of $399.99 following its initial release approximately six years ago. Since then many people have thought of how Sony could possibly top the PlayStation 4 in terms of quality. As far as details regarding PS5 are concerned we have learned more information about new features which will make it stand out more from previous game systems.

One of the features that has been mentioned in relation to the PS5 includes haptic feedback oppose to simple rumbling which is something that has been common on DualShock controllers since the late 90’s-early 00’s. The haptic feedback feature not only contributes to adding more depth to the overall gameplay experience but it will make titles from different genres feel more unique. With haptic feedback racing games will feel different from sports games such as football making the overall gameplay experience more realistic. It should also be noted that adaptive triggers has been added to the L2/R2 buttons for the PlayStation 5 control pad. In addition, to controller based improvements it should be noted that the PS5 will indeed utilize physical discs that will have a capacity 100 GB. Other features includes ray tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware along with and a new UI to give players more details on what they can play along with their friends activities. USB-C connectivity and a system battery with a larger capacity than that of the PS4 will also be key features in the PlayStation 5. While the official release date for the PlayStation 5 has yet to be confirmed many people believe that it will most likely happen in November 2020. After all, history has shown that Sony normally releases their next generation game consoles around November following every six years or so. The PlayStation 3 was released back in November 2006 while the PS4 came out that same month in 2013. It will interesting to see how much the PlayStation 5 will be priced prior to its official release in late 2020.

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