Upcoming Games- Rivals Of Aether (2019-2020)

As far as upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch is concerned one of the few titles that will be appearing on the hybrid console in the near future is Rivals Of Aether. For those who do not know Rivals If Aether is a fighting game that was developed and published by Dan Fornace and initially released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One back in 2017. As far as gameplay is concerned Rivals Of Aether feels similar to that of a Smash Bros game but with a few minor differences. Some examples would be various characters within the game representing different elements along with their ability to change the complexion of the stages they battle on with their moves. Also, as far as gameplay is concerned the combo system seems to be a lot faster in Rivals Of Aether opposed to that Super Smash Bros games.

As it currently stands an official release date for Rivals Of Aether has yet to be confirmed and we do not know if it will appear in the Switch console this year or during 2020. There is no doubt that Rivals Of Aether will be a bigger attraction on the Switch console than it was on the Xbox One or Microsoft Windows. For the most part RPG’s and shooter games stand out more on consoles like the Xbox One and there is a good chance that Rivals Of Aether will standout more on the Switch console in general.

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