Grandia HD Collection Coming Soon to the Nintendo Switch!!!

As far as exciting news in relation to gaming is concerned for August 2019 we have recently discovered that two classic games will be appearing on the Nintendo Switch in the very near future. For those who were huge fans of the Grandia series between the late 90’s-early 00’s you will be happy to know that remastered versions of Grandia I & II will soon be ported for the Nintendo Switch. Both games were RPG classics that are considered to be underrated especially since both games were overshadowed following their respective releases. The first Grandia game had initially appeared on the Sega Saturn in December 1997 as a Japanese exclusive before coming to America on the PS1 in 1999. During that time period Final Fantasy VII & VIII were both huge attractions for the PS1 and were considered to be the most successful RPG’s to have appeared on that console during the 90’s.

Also, the Sega Saturn was not as much of an attraction in countries like America in comparison to the likes of the PS1 or the Nintendo 64 which a majority of people had owned between the mid to late 90’s. While Grandia II did stand out on the Sega Dreamcast as a solid RPG in 2000 the Sega Dreamcast ultimately ended up selling under 10 million units worldwide. Grandia II was ported for the PS2 in 2002 but was also overshadowed by popular games that appeared on that console during that year such as GTA: Vice City. The Nintendo Switch could definitely be a game console that the first two Grandia games could standout one especially for retro gamers who never played either one of them back in the day. As it currently stands the Grandia HD Collection is expected to appear on the Switch console on August 16th . It will be interesting to see how much of an attraction the first two Grandia games will be in the year 2019.

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