Amazon’s Prime Video application discontinued for the Wii-U!!!!

It was recently not too long ago that Amazon has decided to do something which arguably should have been done years ago. For those who currently own a Nintendo Wii-U and still like to utilize various online applications the console has to offer unfortunately you will no longer be able to access Amazon’s Prime Video App for that console. For those who are unaware the Wii-U console was first released back in late 2012 and eventually discontinued back in early 2017 prior to the release of the Nintendo Switch. Some would probably argue that Amazon should have discontinued their application service on the Wii-U sometime between 2016-2017 especially since it was clear that the console ended up flopping in sales during its lifespan.

The discontinuation of Amazon’s Prime Video service is expected to occur this upcoming Fall on September 26th. However, the discontinuation of Amazon’s Prime Video service on the Wii-U is not such a big deal especially since there are various other platforms that people can use to access it. As it currently stands Amazon’s Prime Video application has not yet been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch but seeing how popular the console has been since Spring 2017 its like to appear on the hybrid console sometime in the future.

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