Retro Gaming 00’s- Viewtiful Joe: (2003)

As far as anything in relation to action, platform or beat em up genre are concerned one of the few titles of the past that people instantly think about is the original Viewtiful Joe game. For those do not know Viewtiful Joe was released back in the early 00’s for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 Between 2003-2004. Viewtiful Joe was considered to be a very unique game due to its creativity in relation to the plot taking place between the real world and Movieland. Also, Viewtiful Joe looked like a game that was ahead of its time especially in relation to the visuals because the use of 3D cel-shaded graphics was something that was not too common during the early 00’s. Throughout, Viewtiful Joe players engage in combat and solve various puzzles with abilities given through VFX Powers. Following the abduction of Joe’s girlfriend Silva players learn about Captain Blue’s history as a film creator while helping him survive in Movieland. With the inclusion of various boss battles along with adventurous levels both on land and undersea Viewtiful Joe was arguably one of the most exciting video games to have appeared on the Nintendo GameCube back in the early 00’s.

Since its release Viewtiful Joe has been praised by fans and critics alike and has been often view as a gem to retro gamers who are fans of beat em’ up and action-platformers in general. Viewtiful Joe was released during a time period where 3D action-adventure games along with first person shooters were starting to increase in popularity and was still considered to be success regardless. The original Viewtiful Joe game is often seen as one of Capcom’s most memorable titles of the 00’s decade and arguably the best installment within the series depending on who you ask. The first installment of Viewtiful Joe became so popular to a point where it received its own manga. As far as the Viewtiful Joe series in general is concerned we have not seen a game since the mid 00’s following the release of Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble for the Nintendo DS in 2005. Its highly doubtful that Capcom will develop another installment of the Viewtiful Joe series since its been over a decade since we have seen one. However, if Capcom were to announce the release of a new Viewtiful Joe title in the future it would be something that would definitely turn a lot of heads within the gaming world.

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