Nintendo Switch Online now has over 10 million subscribers!!!!

As far as big news is concerned in relation to the gaming world it has just been discovered that the Nintendo Switch’s online service has been doing much better than people could have expected. For those who do not know the online subscription service for the Nintendo Switch began back in September 2018 and has already reached over ten million subscribers despite only being active for less than a year now. As it currently stands players would receive a great deal if they decided to purchase a 12 month membership for Nintendo Switch Online since its only priced for $19.99 plus tax at electronic retailers such as Best Buy. For consoles such as The PlayStation 4 people would have to purchase a 12 month membership for $59.99 and its that has seeming remained constant since late 2013-early 2014 when the game system was first released.

In fact, the family subscription is more affordable than Sony’s 12 month plan which is priced at $59.99. For players who decide to purchase the 12 month family plan its only $34.99. The option get the 1 or 3 month plan for the Nintendo Switch Online ranges between $1.99-$3.99 which are both great deals. In the eyes of some people it’s not to hard to see why the Nintendo Switch has over 10 million subscribers in less than a year. There no question that the number of active subscribers will only increase and possibly double by September 2020.

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