Will limited multiplayer gameplay in VOLTA Football Mode hurt FIFA 20?

As many people have heard EA Sports has finally announced FIFA 20 which is set to appear on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this upcoming Fall on September 27th. A lot of people are talking about the new VOLTA Football Mode which is basically taking us back to the FIFA Street series which started in the mid 00’s. Based on what we know the VOLTA Football Mode will be part story and multiplayer while emphasis is mainly on single-player gameplay. There has been people who have argued that not having VOLTA Football Mode included with online multiplayer gameplay is something that could end up being a mistake that could come back to haunt EA Sports. As far as whether or not FIFA 20 will surpass its predecessor FIFA 19 in sales is something that has also been called into question as of late.

While FIFA 19 reached over 4.3 million copies in sales within its first week following its release in September 2018 FIFA has managed to hit 24 million units since its release in September 2017. Despite, the high demand from FIFA fans for EA to produce a better career mode its possible that the VOLTA Football Ball Mode can end up exceeding their expectations based on the improved gaming mechanics that will be included in FIFA 20.

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