Retro Gaming 90’s- MegaMan 8: (1996)

As far as old-school games within the Mega Man series is concerned many people think about the series of titles that were released for the NES back in the 80’s and early 90’s. In fact many people like to point out the Mega Man X series that began in 1993. While the Mega Man X series was generally popular throughout a majority of the 90’s titles such as MM 7 & 8 have generally been overlooked despite being decent 2D run n gun titles. In fact, many people do not know that Mega Man was not only released on the PS1 during the mid 90’s but it also appeared on the Sega Saturn as well in 1997. Mega Man 8 was originally released for the PS1 in Japan in ’96 before appearing in America during ’97. The plot for Mega Man 8 was pretty basic and involved the player trying to thwart Dr. Willy’s plans which involved using a foreign energy source from a mysterious meteor crash for his own diabolical purpose.

As good as Mega Man 8 looked in terms of visuals the game was not nearly as popular as some of the prequels which came out in the 80’s- early 90’s. Also, the fact that 3D gaming was starting to become more popular on consoles such as the PS1, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64 and the Sega Dreamcast made a lot of people lose interest in 2D gaming in general during the mid to late 90’s. While Mega Man 8 generally received positive reviews since its release the game is rarely ever talked about and has been seen in a similar light as Mega Man 7 in terms of being generic. As far as visuals are concerned Mega Man 8 was one of the best within the series despite not being the most popular game in general.

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