Will Kingdom Hearts III reach 10 million in sales before 2021?

As far as hot Action-RPG titles of 2019 are concerned Kingdom Hearts III is one of the most popular video games in electronic retailers in countries such as Japan and America. Ever since, Kingdom Hearts III was released back in late January of this year it has managed to sell at least five million copies worldwide which speaks volumes on how popular the KH series is in general. Also, Kingdom Hearts III was arguably one of the most anticipated RPG titles of the 10’s decade considering the fact that Kingdoms Hearts II was initially released back in 2005 for the PlayStation 2. Many people have her impressed by various aspects of Kingdom Hearts III such as the storyline, gameplay all the way down to its jarring visuals thanks to the Unreal Engine IV. While Kingdom Hearts III might possibly be considered the best RPG of 2019 there are some who question how many copies it will sell before 2020.

While its quite possible that Kingdom Hearts III can sell over 10 million copies worldwide before 2020 there is almost no question that it can reach that bracket before 2021. But at the same time the landscape of gaming is changing with the emergence of Google Stadia and Apple Arcade which will definitely make things more competitive in the future. Despite, how successful Kingdoms Hearts III has been since its release it’s hard to know for sure if the Action-RPG will still have the same type of appeal that it has now by the time we reach 2021.

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