Upcoming Switch Games- Dead by Daylight: (2019)

As far as upcoming video games are concerned there have been many interesting titles announced for the Nintendo Switch in relation to 2019. However, the fact that we are going to see Dead By Daylight a survival horror game for the Switch console is something that may come as a surprise to many people. For those who do not know Dead By Daylight was developed by Behaviour Interactive and was published by both Starbreeze Interactive & Behaviour Interactive during different type periods for Microsoft Windows. Dead By Daylight was originally released for PC back in Summer 2016 before being ported to the Xbox One/PS4 in June 2017. Dead By Daylight is an interesting title especially since it allows players to take the role of a group of survivors or killers to compete certain tasks. As one of seventeen survivors players have to do everything they can to stay alive while being hunted down by the killers.

As one of fifteen killers players will have the objective of hunting down the survivors in order to destroy them. Throughout, the game players will be able to utilize various perks that they have earned that will give players especially abilities that will help them compete their objectives while adding a bit more excitement to Dead By Light in general. The visuals produced by the Unreal Engine 4 makes Dead By Light seem more spookier than other survival horror titles making it a cool game to own this upcoming Fall. Dead By Light definitely has the potential to be an attraction on the Nintendo Switch since there are not too many games within that genre that is currently on the hybrid console. The expected release date for the Switch port of Dead By Light is September 24th. It will be interesting to see how popular Dead By Light becomes on the Nintendo Switch in Fall 2019.

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