Square Enix set to reveal new Avengers game at E3 2019!!!

There has been so much exciting news within the gaming world within the past five months in relation to 2019 to a point where it feels almost overwhelming. As far as film & movies are concerned everyone has been talking about Avenger’s Endgame which was released in America back on April 26th. Not only was Avenger’s Endgame considered to be one of the best superhero movies of the 10’s decade but the film ended grossing over $2.7 billion in worldwide in the box office making it one of the most successful movies ever created. With the of Avengers Endgame many people are also thrilled to know that Square Enix will be revealing a new Avengers game next month at E3 2019. As it currently stands Square Enix’s new Avengers project is expected to appear on consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. We have no idea what genre Square Enix’s new Avengers game will be in.

However, Square Enix generally specializes in RPG titles so its possible that it could be an action role-playing game or even an action-adventure. Either way, Square Enix’s upcoming reveal for this new Avengers game is going to be huge and is set to take place at their E3 conference on June 10th at 6pm PT/ 2am BST. Hopefully, we learn a ton of details about the Avengers project on June 10th along with the possibly being of the game being released before 2020.

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