Did stiff competition hurt the success of Mass Effect: Andromeda?

As many people know the Mass Effect series had consisted of various Action RPG’s titles that were popular between the late 00’s-early 10’s. The last game the very last major game that we got to see in the Mass Effect series was Andromeda which came out back in March 2017 for PlayStation 4, PC along with the Xbox One. Since it release Mass Effect Andromeda was not praised to the same extent as the previous installments within the series by fans and critics. While many people adored the combat system that Mass Effect Andromeda had to offer it was criticized for technical issues in relation to its user interface. Also, some would argue that the Mass Effect series was starting to lose its luster after the second or third installment depending on who ask. While the Mass Effect trilogy was very interesting due to the ability for players to carry over progress within the trilogy the competition had started to become more intense within the Action-RPG genre of gaming.

Within the past couple of years we got to see the release of games such as Final Fantasy XV, Horizon Zero Dawn along with Monster Hunter: World which were among some of the best games we got to see for the PS4 between 2016-2018. By the time we got to the year 2017 it seemed like the Mass Effect series was starting to become old and there are some who believe that the series needed a hiatus. Despite, Andromeda being a solid Action-RPG title the Mass Effect trilogy from ’07-’12 were are still considered to be the best games within the entire series. As it currently stands its unlikely that we will see a another Mass Effect game anytime within the next couple of years unless Electronic Arts says otherwise.

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