New details regarding Super Mario Maker 2 emerge!!!

As far as upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch concerned we just learned a great deal about Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker 2 game the other day. One of the big changes that we will see in Super Mario Maker 2 in comparison to its 2015 predecessor is the inclusion of a brand new story mode. The story for Super Mario Maker 2 is rather interesting and will see players earning coins in order to rebuild the Princess Peach’s castle following its destruction. Also, Nintendo has added some additional features to Super Mario Maker 2 in relation to the gameplay from swinging claws, on-off switches all the way down to angry suns that players can utilize to customize their own levels. Along with a new story mode and improved mechanics Super Mario Maker 2 will also feature a night mode along with a four person multiplayer mode that can be played both cooperatively or competitively.

As far as new features in Super Mario Maker 2 are concerned the inclusion of the Super Mario 3D World Mode looks very promising as well. Despite, being in 2D Super Mario 3D World Mode will allow players to gain access to features such as sliding through glass tubes along with the utilization of cat suits to compete certain levels. As it currently stands Super Mario Maker has been confirmed to be released for the Nintendo Switch this summer on June 28th. Nintendo expects Super Mario Maker to be more successful than its predecessor and with the added features this game has its quite possible that it may surpass the Super Mario Maker game from 2015.

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