Grand Theft Auto VI to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive?

As it currently stands many people within the gaming world is anxious waiting for the release of the PlayStation 5 which is most likely going to take place between 2020-2021. While there are many people who are hoping to see PS4 titles on the next generation console there are others who hope that upcoming titles such as GTA 6 will be end up becoming backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4. Recently, there has been leaked news regarding Rockstar’s progress regarding the development of Gran Theft Auto VI and it has recently been revealed the game will not be able to work on the PlayStation 4. According to RockStar Grand Theft Auto VI will not be able to work on the PS4 due to issues regarding memory restrictions.

As far as the plot is concerned we do not know much except for the fact that Liberty & Vice City will be featured in GTA VI. We have also learned that players will start off small on the game and will be able to work their way up to become a drug lord. As time progresses we will definitely know more about the plot in detail because the information regarding Grand Theft Auto VI is still vague. Since Grand Theft Auto VI will be appearing on the PlayStation 5 in the future there are some who question whether or not it will also appear on the Xbox One similar to GTA 5.

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  1. Memory Restrictions, lol, These games already take up some much memory. You’d think it would come out on various consoles, if not Sony will pay a fortune for GTA IV to be exclusive.

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