Will there ever be a sequel for Sonic Mania?

When it comes down to popular 2D platform games that we have seen within the past couple of years Sonic Mania from August 2017 is a high profile title that instantly comes to mind. Sonic Mania has bee considered to be one of the best Sonic titles of the 10’s decade and it has been praised for its inclusion of gameplay & graphics that resembles the installments that were released during the Sega Genesis era from the early 90’s. If anything its hard to imagine a Sonic The Hedgehog video game that is not within the 16-bit format and seeing more entries similar to Sonic Mania would be something that many people would love to see in the near future. Shortly, after the Sonic Mania Plus expansion pack was added in July 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch many have wondered whether or not there would ever be a sequel to Sonic Mania somewhere down the line.

As it currently stands Sega has not made any announcements regarding a possible sequel to Sonic Mania. At this point Sonic Mania is almost two years old and is still considered to be new in the eyes of many people. If we do end up getting a Sonic Mania 2 game within the next few years there is no doubt that the announcement will turn many heads within the gaming world.

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