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Upcoming Switch Games- Muse Dash: (2019)

As far as upcoming releases are concerned one of the few titles to be on the lookout for in relation to the Nintendo Switch is a rhythm-action game developed by PeroPeroGames and published by X.D. Network Inc entitled Muse Dash. For those who do not know Muse Dash was originally released this past year back in June 2018 and is considered to be a pretty unique game. Muse Dash presents players with at least 80 different songs from various genres including J-Pop, Trance and Pop and gives them the option of playing with three anime heroine while fighting off various enemies and bosses throughout the game. The cool thing about this side scrolling rhythm-action game is that the music players select affects the gameplay in Muse Dash since each genre has their own set of challenges they have to contend with.

Muse Dash also presents players with beat-based enemy attacks and timed dodges which is something special especially since it blends the action & rhythm genres together very well. The controls for Muse Dash will be very basic on the Nintendo Switch players will only have to rely on two buttons making this upcoming 2D rhythm-action title something worth checking out this upcoming summer.

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