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Would Splatoon 2 work for the Nintendo Labo VR?

As many people know people will be able to utilize Nintendo’s new Labo VR Kit for games such as Super Mario Odessey along with The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild which is something that many people are very excited about. Ever since the announcement regarding Virtual Reality features for Mario & Zelda were made there has been a lot of speculation on what other games will follow in the future. As far as top titles for the Nintendo Switch is concerned it seems like Splatoon 2 has managed to become arguably the most popular third person shooter game for that console since its initial release back in July 2017. To not have Splatoon 2 support Virtual Reality gameplay would be a huge mistake in the eyes of some people especially considering how popular third person shooter games have been during the 10’s decade.

While third person shooter games are usually considered to be for adults Splatoon 2 is definitely a family friendly game and having Virtual Reality features will definitely make it more of an attraction than it was over a year ago. While its possible that Nintendo may allow Virtual Reality gameplay for Splatoon 2 in future there has been no hints or clues about it becoming a reality in the future. But if there were top Switch games that deserved Virtual Reality gameplay Splatoon 2 would be on the top of many people’s list.

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