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Will Apple Arcade be a serious threat to PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch?

As far as Fall 2019 is concerned almost everyone within the gaming world is talking about Apple Arcade subscription service which was announced back in March 2019. Basically, Apple Arcade will give subscribers access to exclusive video games mainly indie titles that will be provided by companies such as Sega, Konami, Cartoon Network and others in the future. As far as pricing is concerned there has been speculation about Apple Arcade costing around $9.99 monthly or quite possibly more. Also, it has been speculated the Apple’s new gaming service could potentially cost the company up to $500 million which is a ton of money.

One of the biggest questions that is on everyone’s mind in relation to Apple Arcade is whether or not it will be a significant threat to the likes of the PS4, Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch. At this point its way to early to tell whether or not Apple Arcade will ended up becoming a serious threat in relation to the console wars. However, there are many who are inclined to agree that Apple Arcade will not be a huge threat to the likes of the PS4 due to success of games such as God Of War, Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil 2: Remake and others. As far as the Switch console is concerned Nintendo’s first party games are like Super Mario Odessey & Zelda: Breath Of The Wild are huge attraction and they are also console exclusives. If anything the upcoming Apple Arcade subscription would be good for people who are huge fans of indie games and would make for a nice alternative for those who love to play them on Steam.

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