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Classic Konami Games Coming to the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know there have been a lot of classics games coming to the Nintendo Switch as of late. Along with the upcoming inclusion older Final Fantasy games from the mid 90’s-early 00’s we recently got to see classic NES titles such as Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, Punch Out and Star Solider released for the Nintendo Switch so far. As it currently stands it looks like Konami will be bringing some their arcade classics to the Nintendo Switch in the near future and first game announced is Time Pilot from 1982. While Time Pilot might a title that is unknown to many gamers from this generation retro gamers are generally nostalgic about these type of games especially since the 80’s was considered to be the arcade era where pixelated horizontal & side-scrolling shooters were popular.

In fact, many people would argue that most of Konami’s best work in relation to video games game during the 80’s and the 90’s. As far as Time Pilot is concerned the game is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch eShop in a few days on April 11th. The cost for Time Pilot in the Nintendo Switch eShop is expected to be at $7.99 in America while countries such as the UK & Japan have their own respective prices.

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