Samurai Showdown Neo Geo Collection Coming Soon To The Nintendo Switch!!!!

As far as news regarding the Nintendo Switch is concerned it sounds like things are continuing to get much better as we progress throughout 2019. For retro gamers who were huge fans of Samurai Showdown series back in the 90’s and early 00’s you will be happy to know that we will be seeing a Samurai Showdown Neo Geo Collection for the Nintendo Switch in Fall 2019. The titles included in this collection will include Samurai Showdown (1993), Samurai Showdown II (1994), Samurai Showdown III (1995), Samurai Showdown IV (1996) and Samurai Showdown V (2003). The Samurai Showdown Neo Geo Collection will be brought to us by Digital Eclipse along with a museum feature and additional features that have yet to be announced.

The Samurai Showdown series is are among SNK’s most popular set fighting games next to the King of Fighters titles that have been around since 1994. There is no doubt that the Samurai Showdown series will be an attraction on the Nintendo Switch along with the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection that Capcom released for multiple game consoles back in 2018. For retro gamers who never got a chance to play any of the older Samurai Showdown titles of the 90’s or the early 00’s you will be able to catch up with these classics in Fall 2019 on a date that has yet to be announced.

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