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Ubisoft Set to Hold Press Conference at E3 2019 on June 10th!!!!

As far as news is concerned in relation to the E3 2019 it has recently been revealed that Ubisoft will be holding a press conference event this upcoming summer at the annual gaming event. The news regarding Ubisoft’s appearance at E3 2019 comes shortly after learning that Sony and Electronic Arts will not be holding a press conference at this summer’s event. There has been a lot speculation on what announcements will be made by Ubisoft regarding their press conference at E3 2019 . As it currently stands we have seen Ubisoft release games such as Tom Clancy’s: The Division along with Trials Rising so far in 2019. Some people are hoping to learn more about the Skull & Bones game that is expected to be released this year for the PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows at a date yet to be revealed.

Hopefully, Ubisoft will make announcements about new games that could possibly appear on multiple consoles between 2019-2020. Ubisoft’s press conference at E3 2019 is expected to start on June 10th at 1pm Pacific Time and 4pm Eastern Time. We are currently waiting for Ubisoft to make a announcement regarding the venue of their press conference. Until then, we will looking forward hearing about more information regarding E3 2019 despite the fact that numerous gaming companies will not be holding press conferences this year.

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