Could Skies of Arcadia have worked on the PS2 in the early 00’s?

As many people know one of the most popular role-playing games to have been featured in the Sega Dreamcast during the early 00’s was Skies of Arcadia. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Skies of Arcadia was quite possibly one of the best role-playing games to have never received a sequel. Skies of Arcadia was also one of the best RPG’s to have never appeared on the PlayStation 2 back in the early 00’s as well. Some wonder whether or not Skies of Arcadia would have been a success for the PS2 back in the early 00’s especially considering the fact that games such as Final Fantasy IX along with FFX were very popular during that time period.

When it comes down to developing RPG’s no one does it better than Square Enix and its questionable whether or not Sega could have competed with them on the PS2 during that time period. Considering the fact that the Dreamcast console was discontinued in 2001 some believe that having Skies of Arcadia on the PS2 opposed to the Nintendo GameCube would have been better in the long run since the console ended up becoming more successful overall. In theory, Skies of Arcadia could have worked on the PS2 between the ’01-’02 time period but it may not have stood out as much as it did on either the Sega Dreamcast or the Nintendo GameCube.

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