Electronic Arts not holding a press conference at E3 2019?

As far as news in relation to E3 2019 is concerned it seems like things are becoming more bizarre considering the fact that Electronic Arts will be join the likes of Sony and Nintendo in relation to not holding a press conference at this year’s event. It’s somewhat of a mystery on why Electronic Arts decided to pull out of the E3 2019 event that is set to take place on June 11th. However, it should be noted that EA will still have its annual EA fanfest which will be streamed at the Hollywood Palladium between June 8th-June 9th. Despite, Electronic Arts not appearing at E3 2019 it does not mean that we will not see a good event this upcoming summer.

It seems like E3 2019 events might possibly focus less on actual press conferences and more on streaming and fan events which might actually be considered a good thing. Then again, the are some who would argue that the annual E3 events are starting to lose their appeal which seems unlikely in the eyes of many people. Either way it will be interesting to see what happens at E3 2019 this upcoming summer during June.

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