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Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1990) vs Nintendo 3DS (2011) which is more popular?

As far as popular game systems created are concerned we have seen so many consoles within the past 30 years that are considered to be both iconic and legendary. Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft has produced various game systems that are still popular at retro video game stores that people would still play to this day. As far as Nintendo based consoles are concerned there is no secret that the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was very big back in the 90’s along with the fact that the SNES Classic which was released in late-2017 is still an attraction today despite no longer being available in retail. The original SNES console managed to reach over 49 million units worldwide in sales since its release in 1990 and was arguably more successful than its successor the Nintendo 64.

The Nintendo 3DS on the other hand came out about eight years ago in 2011 and since than has managed to become more successful than the Wii-U which was released the following year in November 2012. Since its release the Nintendo 3DS hit over 74 million in worldwide in sales and was without a doubt more successful than the SNES. While the Nintendo 3DS sold more than the SNES some would argue that titles such as Pokémon Sun and Moon were attractions for the handheld game system along with Mario titles. Back in the 90’s Pokémon was not available for the SNES and was playable on Game Boy during the mid to late part of that decade. While the SNES is definitely more iconic there is no question that the Nintendo 3DS was more successful than the 16-bit console.

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