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Upcoming Switch Games- Aftercharge: (2019)

There are so many titles that the world is looking forward to seeing on various game systems as we progress throughout the red of 2019. One of the few indie titles that people are talking about right now is a cooperative online multiplayer first-person shooter developed and published by Chainsaw Games called Aftercharge. This first-person shooter game allows players to engage in squad based combat for three on three action which is one of the few things that contribute to the appeal of Aftercharge. Players who are considered to be immobilized have the ability to be revived by teammates after their health has been depleted during combat.

Unlike, certain first-person shooters Aftercharge does not feature a class system but instead has a roster of characters that players can choose from with different stats that makes them standout in their own unique way. As it currently stands Aftercharge iOS available for Xbox One and Steam and is expected to be ported for the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year at a date yet to be revealed.

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