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Will Super Mario Maker 2 have more success than its predecessor?

As far as upcoming games in relation to this year is concerned many people are now talking about Super Mario Maker 2 which was Anno at Nintendo Direct a few says ago. The last time we got to see a Super Mario Maker game was in 2015 when the creation platform was released for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii-U. As far as success is concerned it’s safe to say that Super Mario Maker was a top seller for the Wii-U since it managed to reach over 4 million units worldwide since September 2015. In fact, there were many people who were hoping that Nintendo was going to port the original Super Mario Maker game to the Switch console in the future.

Since the Nintendo Switch is more popular than the Wii-U and the No 3DS there is no question that Super Mario Maker 2 will end up becoming a huge attraction for the hybrid console following its upcoming release. We still have yet to learn more about the details in relation to gameplay regarding Super Mario Maker 2 and how it will differ from its ’15 predecessor. For those who were fans of the original Super Mario Maker game the prequel is going to be something worth checking out in the Summer of 2019.

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