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Upcoming Games- Beyond Blue: (2019)

As far as upcoming games are concerned there are so many titles that people are looking forward to seeing this year. As far as indie titles are concerned one of the few titles to be one the lookout for is a adventure simulation game developed and published by E-Line Media called Beyond Blue. For those who do not know Beyond Blue is a game that emphasizes underwater exploration. Players will take control of Mirai the lead of a research team in order to use advanced technology to understand the ocean in unfathomable ways. Along with the inclusion of in-game narration there are elements such as decision-making that adds to the overall appeal of Beyond Blue making for an interesting indie adventure simulation title.

As it currently stands an official release date for Beyond Blue has yet to be revealed but it was set to appear sometime early this year. Hopefully, as time progresses we will learn more about the release date and price for Beyond Blue until then its going to remain to be one of the most anticipated indie titles for Steam this year.

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