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Upcoming Games- Neo Cab: (2019)

As far as upcoming games are concerned there are many big titles that have received mainstream attention such as Code Vein, Kingdom Hearts III, Jump Force and others since they will be appearing on consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year. However, when it comes down to indie games there are titles such as Neo Cab that has not been getting as much attention as it should in relation to upcoming releases. For those who do not know Neo Cab is a single-player cyberpunk indie survival adventure role-playing game developed by Chance Agency and published by Fellow Traveller which is expected to be released on February 5th.

There was a trailer for Neo Cab that appeared at E3 2018 this past summer and it looks very impressive visually. The story involving Neo Cab centers around the main protagonist named Lina who ends up becoming one of the few human rideshare drivers in the near future due to society becoming controlled mainly by artificial intelligence. As players utilize the Neo Cab app to drive around the city the pick up passengers and by listening to their stories players will eventually learn more about the truth involving main protagonist’s backstory. Even though, Neo Cab has been confirmed for game systems such as Microsoft Windows and Linux we have no clue on whether or not the game will end up being ported for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 anytime in the near future.

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