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Upcoming Games- Star Renegades: (2019)

As far as upcoming video games are concerned 2019 looks like its going to be a very promising year as far as the role-playing genre of gaming is concerned. While we have big titles such as Kingdom Hearts III to look forward to on the PS4 there are also some interesting indie games to look forward to as well. As far as multi-platform RPG’s are concerned one of the few popular indie titles that is expected to be released on game systems such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows is Star Renegades developed by Massive Damage, Inc. For those who do not know Massive Damage, Inc is the same developer that worked on Halcyon 6 which was released back in 2016.

Star Renegades is considered to be a rouge-lite RPG with a simple plot involving players leading a group of rebels against the Imperium in the midst of a interplanetary uprising. Star Renegades is a game with outstanding visuals along with an impressive combat system that allows players to pull off counters and combos while giving players the opportunity to upgrade their characters throughout the entire game. The turn-Based battle system for Star Renegades is to die for and it looks like it has the potential to be one of the best indie games of 2019. As it currently stands the release date for Star Renegades is still unknown but make no mistake it will definitely be a big attraction following its upcoming release especially on Steam.

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