Nintendo Switch named the best selling game console of 2018!!!

As many people know this past year was a very enjoyable time period within the gaming world and there is no doubt that things will be much better throughout 2019. But as far as game consoles are concerned it has recently been revealed that the Nintendo had managed to outsell its competitors Microsoft and Sony in 2018. It has recently been reported that the Nintendo Switch at managed to sell approximately 8.7 million units in the United States while reaching over 22 million worldwide.  It should not come as much of a surprise that the Nintendo Switch was the best selling game console of this past year especially considering the fact that the game system is still con to be new following its release back in March 2017.

However, some might be surprised by the fact that the Xbox One managed to sell more than the PS4 did overall this past year since Sony is still technically has the lead over Microsoft and Nintendo in relation to the console wars. But than again the Xbox One X came out back in November 2017 and it was a console that is not only more fresh on the market than the PlayStation 4 Pro from 2016 but its also a huge attraction due to its optimal visuals and its backwards compatibility with older generation Xbox video games. But as it currently stands the Xbox One X was and still is priced at $499 in America while the Nintendo Switch averages around $299. While the PlayStation 4 Pro averages around $399 its not too surprising to know that the Nintendo Switch ended upcoming the best selling console of 2018.

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