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Upcoming Switch Games- Eagle Island: (2019)

There are so many cool games that everyone is talking about in relation to this year that are expected to appear on multiple game systems. One of the few titles that has people in the gaming world talking is a game developed by Pixelnicks and published by Screenwave Media called Eagle Island. For those who do not know Eagle Island is a 2D indie game funded by Nick Gregory with close to 1,300 backers and over £25,000 in funds raised following the start of its campaign back in 2017. The visuals for this action-adventure game resembles something you would see from the 16-bit era of gaming and definitely as the potential to be a huge attraction on the Nintendo Switch.

Eagle Island will allow players to choose from different game modes such as Story, Speedrun and Rougelite and has somewhat of a Metroidvania like feel to it which adds to the overall appeal of the game itself. As it curry stands Eagle Island is set to appear on the Nintendo Switch in February 2019 and its like it has the potential to be one of the top indie titles of this upcoming month.

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