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Will streaming continue to grow in popularity during the 2020’s decade?

There is no question that streaming has become very popular throughout the 10’s decade. Despite the fact that Steam was launched back in 2003 it seems like Value Corporation’s platform has received more mainstream attention in the 10’s than it did in the 00’s and has often been the go to site for those who want to play demos for upcoming video games prior to their respective releases. In fact, majority of indie games have become noticed on through streaming and it seems like something that has and will only continue to increase in popularity as we move into the 2020’s decade.

In relation to streaming services its a well known fact that Microsoft wants to focus more on streaming services in the future meaning that we might not see another game console following the Xbox One X. In fact there has recently been talk about Nintendo possibly moving away from the development of game consoles in favor of streaming while focusing more on mobile gaming in the future. Its quite possible that the console era of gaming will eventually come to an end during the 2020’s due to the advancement of technology and the rise of streaming; but hopefully that will not be the case since video game consoles are still considered to be huge attraction in retailers worldwide. However, there is no doubt that streaming will continue to increase in popularity throughout the 2020’s decade.

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