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Upcoming Switch Games- Caveblazers: (2019)

As far as upcoming games for this year is concerned one of the many titles that some people are waiting to see on the Nintendo Switch is a rouge-like platform indie game entitled Caveblazers. For those who do not know Caveblazers was developed by Deadpan Games and published by Yogscast and was originally released on Steam back in May 2017. Since then many people were impressed by the 8 bit like sprites and modern day 2D visuals in relation to stage design for Caveblazers. However, for those who are generally fans of family-friendly platformers you should be warned that Caveblazers is fun but also very violent as well and many not be suitable for everyone.

Basically the Caveblazers sees the main character using various types of weapons in order to do battle with different types of creatures such as goblins and orcs throughout the game. The gameplay in Caveblazers is very past based and will keep players on the edge of their seat for hours. For those who are into rouge-like platform titles Caveblazers will be available for the Nintendo Switch this month on January 10th. It will be interesting to see how popular Caveblazers becomes throughout this month following its upcoming release on the Nintendo Switch.

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