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Could Dragonball FighterZ have been successful in arcade centers?

As many people know one of the most popular fighting games available in retail right now is Dragonball FighterZ. Since its initial release back in January 2018 it has been praised by fans and critics alike for its three vs three crossover gameplay resembling the likes of Marvel vs Capcom 3. In fact, Dragonball FighterZ has managed to not only surpass Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite in popularity throughout this past year but the game also managed to sell more throughout 2018. While Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite managed to reach over one million copies in sales Dragonball FighterZ hit over 3.5 million since its release and has become the second-best selling DBZ game ever right now.

As awesome as the gameplay, graphics and roster are for Dragonball FighterZ the story mode for this game makes it highly addictive. Without the story mode FighterZ would still be a great fighting game that could definitely work in arcade centers. The only problem is that we he arcade era of gaming is pretty much dead and more people are focusing on video games that provides robust online multiplayer experiences along with strong local offline gameplay. In fact, Dragonball FighterZ is a game that did not need an arcade release to become popular especially since the series has been attraction in relation to anime for over the past 20 years and still is to this day.

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