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NIS America delays the western release of RPG Maker MV!!!

As many people may already know NIS America was expected to release RPG Maker MV for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One along with the Nintendo Switch this upcoming February on the 26th. RPG Maker MV has been available on Steam since 2015 and its a game that people have waited over three years to see on various game consoles at this point. As far as to why NIS America has delayed the release of RPG Maker MV there has been talk about the video game running into issues in relation to development. Its quite possible that NIS America wants to provide its consumers with a polished product before its finally available retail in western countries.

As it currently stands RPG Maker MV is currently available on Steam for $79.99 and is currently one of the most expensive titles up there right now. For those in America who own a game system and has been waiting to see RPG Maker MV on the PS4, Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch you will have to wait a bit longer for its release but until then you have to play it in Steam for the time being.

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