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Monster Hunter: World vs God of War which game was more popular in 2018?

When we think about two of the most popular PlayStation 4 titles to have been released in 2018 both Monster Hunter: World along with God Of War are two games that comes to mind. While God of War was an action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment Monster Hunter: World was a Action-RPG created by Capcom. While both games were critically acclaimed there is no question that God of War definitely had the edge in terms of popularity. While God of War managed to reach over 5 million in sales on the PlayStation 4 Monster Hunter: World reaches over 4 million.

Also, as far as awards are concerned God of War earned four different honors from Golden Joysticks in 2018 in categories such as “Best Storytelling”, “Best Video Design”, “Best Audio Design” along with “PlayStation Game of the Year”. As it currently stands God of War is currently one of the best action-adventure titles out right now for the PlayStation 4 next to the Spider-Man game which came out back in September 2018. While God of War was arguably a more slightly popular game than Monster Hunter: World there is not question that both titles were huge attractions on the PlayStation 4 this past year and they still will be throughout 2019.

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