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Will The Last of Us: II surpass its prequel in sales?

When it comes down to upcoming sequels for big video games in relation to next year the title that everyone is talking about is the action-adventure survival horror game known as The Last of Us: Part II. For those who are unaware the prequel for this game was released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 back in 2013. Since the release of The Last of Us for the PlayStation 3 it has won numerous “Game of the Year” awards and has managed to reach at least 17 million units sales worldwide. As popular as the Last of Us: Part I was about five years ago there are some who wonder whether or not Part II will end up surpassing its predecessor in sales. As far as sales are concerned it would not be icy if a surprise if the Last of Us: Part II manages to sell over 17 million copies worldwide within a few months.

After The Last of Us: Part II was named “Most Wanted Game” at the 2017 Golden Joystick Awards. Besides the emphasis of the Last of Us: Part II is on hatred opposed to the prequel which focused on love. It should be noted that Joel and Ellie who were the main protagonists of the first game will be returning in The Last of Us: Part II. Based on the various trailers we have seen for the Last of Us: Part II the game looks like its definitely going to be one of the best action-adventure titles of 2019. But as it currently stands the only thing that we are waiting for right now is an official release date for the Last of US: Part II which still has yet to be revealed by Naughty Dog & Sony Computer Entertainment.

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