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Should Xenoblade Chronicles from 2010 be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

When we think about very popular titles from the original Wii console that deserves to be ported for the Nintendo Switch Xenoblade Chronicles is always one that comes to mind. In fact Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii was considered to be one of the best Action-RPG to have ever been made for the Nintendo Wii and has received praise from fans of the series in critics alike since its initial release back in June 2010. While having the Xenoblade Chronicles from 2010 on the Switch console would sound awesome in theory many would probably question point on doing so especially considering how popular Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is for that console right now.

However, at the same time we do not have too many high profile Action-RPG’s on the Nintendo Switch right now and even though Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a big deal on the hybrid console not everyone had a chance to play the XC game from 2010. While Nintendo has never talked about bringing the original Xenoblade Chronicles game to the Nintendo Switch its always possible that it could become a reality in the future.

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