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Does the Wii-U have more value than the SNES?

As many people know the Wii-U was discontinued after Nintendo stopped developing the console in early 2017. Since the Wii-U was first released back in late 2012 the console had reportedly managed to sell roughly under 10 million units worldwide making it Nintendo’s lowest selling game console ever. While most of the games for the Wii-U were very popular such Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Zelda: Twilight Sword and others the initial price of the last generation console was simply too expensive in the eyes of some people. While the Wii-U basic was priced at $299 the deluxe version was $349.

As expensive as the Wii-U was between late 2012-early 2016 there are some who argue that the console has more value than the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which was first released back in 1990. While the SNES did manage to sell over 49 million units worldwide which was way more than the Wii-U its considered to be a more inferior game system. In terms of quality the Wii-U is far more superior but there is no question that the SNES was more of an attraction within the gaming world following its respective release 28 years ago. In fact, the SNES Classic gained almost as much mainstream attention as the Nintendo Switch did throughout 2018.

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