Will Fortnite still be a huge attraction in 2020?

When it comes down to popular multiplayer video games of today there is no question that Fortnite is definitely on top of many people’s list. Since its release back in the summer of 2017 the game has managed to attract tons of mainstream attention and is considered to be one of the top video games of 2018. In fact, some can argue that Fortnite inspired Treyarch and Activision to make Battle Royale the main feature for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The Battle Royale concept is something that looks like something that will continue to increase in popularity as time progresses.

As far as Fortnite remaining as popular as it currently is during 2020 that is something that is quite possible. In terms of popularity, Fortnite seems as big right now as Gran Theft Auto: V was back in 2013. But since there are so many titles such as Kingdom Hearts III, Code Vein, Resident Evil 2: Remake and others coming out in 2019 its also a possibility that Fortnite might possibly decline in popularity to some extent.

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