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Will Turn Based RPG’s eventually decline in popularity?

When it comes down to popular game genres of the 10’s decade the most popular ones that comes to mind are shooters, action-adventure and RPG’s. But as far as the RPG’s are concerned it seems like action role-playing games have become notoriously popular during this decade with titles such as Final Fantasy XV, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn and more. While we did get to see the release of Octopath Traveller for the Nintendo Switch back in July it was probably one of the few high profile turn based RPG’s that has attracted mainstream attention aside from big Action RPG games within the past few years. Some argue that turn based RPG’s are starting to decline in popularity and that 3D action role playing games are more realistic and tends to draw more mainstream attention in general.

While a majority of Final Fantasy games have been turn based RPG’s since the 80’s its well known fact that the upcoming FFVII remake will be a action-role playing game. For the most part turn-based role playing video games seems outdated in this day and age. In fact, turn based RPG’s seems to go much better with 2D titles opposed to 3D Unreal Engine games that are better suited for the action-adventure genre altogether. While the turn based RPG genre are still somewhat popular today its not on the same level as it once was back 90’s. The turn-based genre of gaming has already declined in popularity since the SNES/GBA era of gaming and its quite possible that the trend might continue with the mainstream success that 3D shooters, action-adventure and action role playing games have received during the 10’s decade.

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