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Will Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 reach over one million units in sales within its first week?

As many people know Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is set to appear on the Nintendo Switch next year which is something that has many people very excited. As it currently stands there is still very little we know about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 including its release date which the world is still waiting to hear about. While co-op multiplayer gameplay has been confirmed for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 we are still do not have a full roster of characters for the game which can play a key role in whether or not the game performs well in relation to sales. The last game in the series Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 which came out back in 2009 reportedly sold under one million copies worldwide despite being a decent Action-RPG for multiple game consoles such as the PS3, Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360.

However, the hiatus that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series took for over the past nine years might actually draw the interest of those who were fans of the first two games. Its quite possible that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will end up selling over one million copies worldwide following its release in 2019. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 being a Switch exclusive might also be one of the many factors that contributes to its overall success. But its hard to say that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will end up selling over one million copies within a week seeing how the latest installment did in sales following its release in late 2009.

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