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Tifa Lockhart (FFVII) vs Lightning (FFXIII) which character was more popular?

As far as main characters from the Final Fantasy series are concerned there is no doubt that both Tifa Lockhart Heart from FFVII along with Lightening from FFXIII are both huge names. Some would argue that Tifa Lockhart was as popular in the Final Fantasy series back in the 90’s as Lightning was during the early 10’s in Final Fantasy XIII. But to be honest Final Fantasy VII was probably the best game in the entire series and since its release managed to sell over 11 million units worldwide since its initial release for the PS1 back in 1997. The popularity of Final Fantasy VII along with its story and being affiliated with characters such as Cloud Strife and going against Sephiroth made Tifa Lockhart a more memorable character than many other female protagonists who have appeared in the FF series throughout the past 30 years.

While Tifa Lockhart was and still is well liked by fans and critics alike Lightning from FFXIII was never on the same level of popularity. Not only was Final Fantasy XIII considered to be one of the less popular entries within the entire series but many would argue Lightning’s cold, detached and bland personality was something that fell below the expectations of many people; especially since more could have been done to make her character even more appealing. While Lightning may have been more skilled at combat than Tifa Lockhart while sharing personality traits of Cloud Strife many would most likely choose Tifa Lockhart over her as being a more popular FF character in general.

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