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Nintendo Switch officially surpasses PS Vita in sales within Japan!!!

As the year comes to a close we learn more interesting news regards to the gaming world going into 2019. For those who have not heard already it has recently been revealed on the Media Creates sales archive list that the Nintendo Switch has now officially surpassed the PlayStation Vita in sales in Japan. While the PlayStation Vita ended reaching over 5.9 million units worldwide in sales the Nintendo Switch had reached over 6.1 million within two years which is very impressive. However, it should not come as much of a surprise that the Nintendo Switch surpassed the PlayStation Vita in sales in Japan especially since Sony’s latest handheld game system was considered a flop.

The Switch console is most likely going to end up becoming Nintendo’s most successful game system of the 10’s decade. While the Switch console has already surpassed Wii-U in relation to worldwide it seems like the hybrid console will probably end up reaching 30 million in sales before the end of 2019. It will interesting to see what new milestones the Switch console will end up

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