WWE ‘12 (2011) vs WWE ‘13 (2012) which game was more popular?

When it comes down to popular pro wresting games of the 10’s decade in relation to quality and overall experience both WWE ’12 & 13 are two titles that instantly comes to mind. WWE ’12 was a game that was praised for its realism and its improved in- game mechanics in comparison to to its predecessor Smackdown vs Raw 2011. With the inclusion of unlockable characters, attires and arenas with an improved universe mode WWE ’12 was considered an impressive game shortly after its release in November 2011. Despite, how popular WWE ’12 was following its release many would probably argue that the game played in comparison to WWE ’13 in relation to popularity.

The theme around WWE ’13 revolved mainly around the late 90’s Attitude Era which was considered a boom period in pro wrestling in general. In addition to having modern roster characters from 2011-2012 in WWE ’13 the game also included popular stars from the Attitude era. Along with a campaign mode where players are allowed to relive historic matches and events that occurred between 1997-2000 during the Monday Night Wars between Monday Night Raw & Nintendo as WWE and WCW were in competition with each other. If one game had to be chosen over the other in terms of popularity WWE ’13 definitely had the edge over WWE ’12 overall.

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