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Is the Spider-Man PS4 game more popular than any of the Batman Arkham games?

As many people know the Spider-Man PS4 game is without the most popular action-adventure game of this year along with the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2. Since its release the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 title has managed to reach over 3.3 million copies in sales which is an impressive feat for an action-adventure superhero game. Despite, its level of popularity in 2018 there are some who would argue that the Spider-Man PS4 game is not on the same level as any of the Batman Arkham games released between 2009-2015.

All three Arkham Asylum games were critically acclaimed following their respective releases and between ’09-’12 the two Batman movies “Dark Night” and Dark Knight Rises” were huge in relation to box office sales. While the three Spider-Man movies released within the 10’s decade were also very successful in relation to box office sales most of the games within the series that we have seen since 2010 were not nearly as popular as any of the Batman: Arkham titles. The Spider-Man game for the PS4 is without a doubt the best that we have seen within the series throughout the 10’s decade and to say that its more popular than any of the Arkham games is debatable. There are some who might be bigger fans of DC more than Marvel which would definitely shape the opinions of many people in relation to this topic.

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