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Dragalia Lost reaches a new milestone!!!

As far as interesting new within the gaming world is concerned one of the many things that everyone is talking about right now is the success of Dragalia Lost. For those who are unaware Dragalia Lost was developed by Nintendo EPD & Cygames and released back on September 27th for mobile devices such as Android & iOS. Since then this Action-RPG title has managed to earn over $50 million in revenue which is big especially considering how much competition there is in relation to mobile gaming with titles such as Hearthstone, PUBG Mobile, ShadowGun Legends and others. Seeing that Dragalia Lost has not even been out for a full year just yet it would not be surprising if the game manages to earn over $100 million in revenue before the end of 2019.

Seeing how popular Dragalia Lost has become on mobile devices it would be interesting if Nintendo ever decides to bring it to the Switch console in the future. But then again Dragalia Lost can easily be overshadowed by first party games such as Super Mario Odessey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and many other upcoming titles that are expected to appear on the hybrid console in 2019. Keeping Dragalia Lost exclusively on mobile devices would make it standout more while it continues earning more revenue throughout the course of next year.

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