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Will Streets of Rage 4 be as successful as SOR 2?

As maybe know a few months ago Streets of Rage 4 was announced for a 2019 release. Ever since, we saw the reveal trailer for Streets of Rage 4 back in August we have learned that the game will be developed by Lizardcube and Guard Crash Games and published by DotEmu. We also learned that the plot and the setting for Streets of Rage 4 will take place 10 years following the events of SOR III which was released for the Sega Genesis back in 1994. While Streets of Rage 3 was a solid beat em up game during the early 90’s it was not nearly as popular as SOR 2 which came out in 1992. In fact Streets of Rage 2 is often regarded as the most popular game in the Streets of Rage trilogy from the early 90’s.

Everything from the gameplay & graphics all the way down to the soundtrack produced by Yuzo Korshiro was perfect on SOR 2 and its hard to tell whether or not Streets of Rage 4 will achieve as much success as the legendary 16-bit beat em up title from ’92. Also, its no secret that the 2D side scrolling beat em up genre of gaming had declined in popularity back in the mid 90’s and now first and third person shooters are big attractions today on various game consoles. As far as details are concerned in relation to Streets of Rage 4 there is still a lot we have yet to learn such as whether or not Yuzo Korshiro will return to work on the soundtrack for this game. But from the looks of things right now Streets of Rage 4 is unlikely to be as popular as SOR 2 was in the early 90’s.

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