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Could the Sega Dreamcast have been more successful with backwards compatibility?

As many people know the Sega Dreamcast was a popular game console during the 90’s . Despite, not selling as much as the Sega Genesis, PS1 or even the Nintendo 64 it was a game system that was way ahead of its time being one of the first ever 128-bit game systems ever released. There are some people who believe that the Sega Dreamcast could have ended up selling way more than 9 million units worldwide if it had special features such as backwards compatibility. While the Sega Saturm console from ’94 did not have too many games that were popular on a mainstream level there were some titles such as Nights Into Dreams, Virtua Fighter 2 and others that would have been nice to see on the Dreamcast console during the late 90’s.

While the Dreamcast console did have big games such as Sonic Adventure 2, Crazy Taxi and Shenmue which were all very popular in the early 00’s there was no question that Sega was losing the console wars to Nintendo and Sony during that time period. While backwards compatibility could have been helpful in terms of making the Sega Dreamcast more successful than it was the likelihood of it surpassing the N64 or the PS1 still would have been slim.

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