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Would the development of a disk-less Xbox One console a great idea?

As of right now one of the hottest topics in the gaming world right now involves Microsoft possibility releasing a diskless Xbox One console sometime in the near future. As it currently stands Microsoft had never officially confirmed any rumors regarding the upcoming release of a disc- less Xbox One console but has been well noted that the company had expressed interest in focusing more on streaming in relation to gaming. The idea of a disc-less Xbox One sounds interesting especially if price is lower than that of the Xbox One S which averaged around $299 following its release back in the summer of 2016. In fact, rumors have circulated that the potential price of a disc-less Xbox One would be priced around $199.

The only catch of having a disk-less Xbox One console would be the exclusion of a Blu-ray drive which one of the few features that made the other models appealing following their respective releases. Also, the idea of having a disk-less Xbox One would be appealing in some ways because it could be a feature that makes the console stand out from it competitors such as Sony and Nintendo that requires people to actually buy physical copies of games that they want to purchase. However, some would probably agree that Microsoft should have released a disk-less Xbox One game console years ago despite how it may have been viewed by critics anytime between 2014-2016.

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